Monday, 22 April 2013

Good Wishes with Imran Khan & PTI Even though !!

Imran Khan and PTI have been raising a voice for the change. Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri and PAT have also been doing the same. Only difference is Imran Khan wants to remain part of the same Corrupt system and bring change, whereas Dr. Qadri has been saying that NO change could occur from within this system (unless Electoral System is fixed & reformed at least as per articles 62,63,218,ppl act 1976,SC Jdgmnt June8,2012) as this non-reformed & corrupt system supports only corrupts and would not allow good people to come in power to bring any change . So his point is that we all need to struggle to raise voice peacefully against this system and struggle together to get this system changed first. Otherwise there will be just status quo.

All the good media anchors and sincere analysts have also now started raising same points what Dr. Qadri has been saying. Everyone is now accepting that ECP and caretakers have not done anything significant to ensure fair and free elections, and there have been a lot of pre-poll rigging going on. It seems very clear that corrupt beneficiaries of current system would not let anyone to change this system in which they have 'invested' billions.

I've been watching and listening to Imran Khan closely and I would like to share following points which I've put together after listening to him and many analysts.

Let me be clear that I have no intention to offend anyone but this is just my opinion and anyone can disagree with it. My only objective is to highlight some facts to the PTI supporters and make them realize that this system might not let them bring any change, even though they are sincere and working hard for it:

From the Interviews of Imran Khan with little Sarcastic Additions

**Even though election commission is biased, but we'll still go ahead and contest elections and we'll clean sweep
** Even though we have concerns about the integrity of care-takers, we still go ahead and contest elections and clean sweep
**Even though we believe Fakhru bhai is the only one who is honest and we know he is too old now to judge any fraud and has very little authority to control such frauds, but election can still be free and fair and we'll clean sweep
**Even though we submitted facts to EC that there have been pre-poll rigging and they did not do anything and did not even respond to us, but we still think they can conduct free and fair elections and we'll win
**Even though there have been clear examples of severe pre-poll rigging, but we'll still go ahead and contest and win
**Even though it seems election commission made joke of Articles 62/63 and could not hold corrupts from contesting, we'll still contest and win
**Even though president is biased and can interfere with elections, but we'll still go ahead and contest and win
**Even though after winning Imran Khan will not take oath from Zardari because he is too corrupt, but we still believe same Zardari would not interfere in our clean sweep winning
**We know that current system totally supports those parties who despite lack of support from public can still be elected only because they have electable candidates who could spend billions, and even though PTI does not have many of such electables, we'll still go ahead and contest and win
**PTI boycotted 2008 elections because at that time PTI believed fair and free elections could not be conducted and even though conditions are even worse today, but we'll now contest and win with clean sweep
**Even though we agree that what Dr. Qadri was saying during long march was right, and if we had joined him we together could have made a big difference and brought a "Change" in Pakistan, but we let him fight alone because we believed even though his diagnose was correct but we believe those problems in the system would not effect us and we'll still win the elections and clean sweep
**Even though due to the first experience PTI faced huge unforeseen challenges in organizing intra-party elections and it took several months to conduct elections, but PTI is fully capable of identifying any unforeseen frauds in the elections by the most cunning politicians and will clean sweep

WE BELIEVE THAT WE'LL WIN BECAUSE WE BELIEVE IN MIRACLES OR WE ARE TOO NAIVE **************************************************

Again, I've no intention to offend someone, and anyone can disagree with me as this is just my opinion.

But I'm foreseeing that PTI supporters would realize on the day after the elections that what Dr. Qadri had been saying was right. But anyway my good wishes are still with Imran Khan and PTI because I also want positive change....!!
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